Custom Bundler

Custom Bundler

This is a guide for setting up React Cosmos with any bundler.

A bit of context: React Cosmos is made out of three main parts: The Server, the Renderer and the UI. Setting up a custom bundler integration consists of serving the Renderer yourself, without having to do anything special to the Server or the UI. But don't worry, Cosmos provides easy-to-use Renderer primitives that make it easy to create a custom setup.

Install the required packages:

npm i -D react-cosmos react-cosmos-dom

Choose a port for the renderer other than the main Cosmos port, say 5050. Set the renderer URL with the chosen port in your cosmos.config.json:

  "port": 5000,
  "rendererUrl": "http://localhost:5050"

Add cosmos script to package.json:

"scripts": {
  "cosmos": "cosmos --expose-imports"

The --expose-imports flag will generate a cosmos.imports.js module that contains maps of user module imports (fixtures and decorators) as well the renderer config. Feel free to add this file to .gitignore.

Create a basic fixture at src/Hello.fixture.jsx:

export default <h1>Hello World!</h1>;

Finally, create a web server using your bundler of choice that serves an index.html, which loads a JS module with the following code:

import { mountDomRenderer } from 'react-cosmos-dom';
import * as mountArgs from './cosmos.imports';

Start React Cosmos:

npm run cosmos

That's it, really.

The Cosmos Server will automatically update cosmos.imports.js when fixture/decorator files are added, changed or removed.

To learn how turn your setup into a Cosmos plugin check out the Vite plugin (opens in a new tab).